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Never fear a cloudy wedding day

July 03, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Essex wedding photo, moody sky, Couple Bell TowerA dramatic sky sets a perfect backdrop for this moody wedding photograph in Essex.

With the summer season upon us and the glorious sunshine abounding, there will be many sighs of relief on the morning of a couples wedding day, when they look outside the window and see that the sun is shining on their special day. This is probably one of the key things that couples hope for and with good reason. When the sun is out the world feels a happier place. Above all, there will be beautiful bright photographs capturing the day. 

This is not to say however, that if you peek behind the curtains on your wedding day and you're greeted by grey skies and clouds that your images will lack any wonder. Far from it! A cloudy sky can add a tremendous impact to your photographs. Dealt with in the right way a wedding photographer can use the sky's textures and contrasts to create a compelling scene and give you better wedding photos than you could imagine. The light on a cloudy day is also much softer, adding a more flattering appearance to all the subjects.

Whilst we are relatively blest with summers here in Essex, a good wedding photographer needs to be ready to adapt and deliver 'whatever the weather'.



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