Luke T S Osborne | About

Back in 1996, I was lucky to be given my first SLR camera- an old second hand Pentax P30. I soon fell in love and became obsessed with photography, studying the art at night school and converting my bedroom into a darkroom. The image appearing through the developing solution was magical and the smell evokes a memory even today nearly 20 years later. During the years between I have photographed countless people, places, weddings, events, bands and products....and I still love it.


Over the years the cameras and equipment have changed, as has the world around us. I prefer to shoot with Canon lenses and bodies for most professional jobs but readily use the Olympus M4/3 system whilst travelling. 


Whatever you photographic needs, whether personal or commercial I can create what you need.


I have a couple of work locations, a portrait studio in Hadleigh, Benfleet and a 'grungy' industrial basement in Southend-on-sea, enabling me to create a whole variety of images. I also work on location where needed or preferred.